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Vermont Nut Free Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Posted by Dave on November 25, 2010

Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales event to kick off the Holiday shopping season. This sale will last the whole week-end from Friday November 26th through Monday November 29th everything* that we offer is available at 10% off the regular price by entering the code “cyber” at check out in the special promotions/coupon box.

Vermont Nut Free


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Close Call for Kardashian Kid: Food Allergy Risks

Posted by Dave on November 25, 2010

Little Mason Disick, best known for being the son of his famous mama, Kourtney Kardashian, was rushed the hospital Friday night after having an allergic reaction to peanut butter.

“[Mason] threw up within minutes of tasting it and got hives on his face,” Kardashian wrote on her blog. “I called 911 and the fire department came immediately. They suggested that we take him to the hospital, so we did.”

Kardashian’s spokesperson declined to comment on the incident.

Kardashian reported that Mason was in good spirits after the reaction, which put him among the 1 percent of American children who is allergic to peanuts or peanut products.

“The peanut allergy gets a lot of attention because it’s relatively common, it’s often severe, and often sticks around for life,” said Dr. Scott Sicherer, professor of pediatrics at Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. “People can be very sensitive to peanuts, so the allergy can be a big impact on a person’s quality of life.”

About 20 percent of those children will outgrow the allergy. But the majority are stuck with it for life.

Peanut reactions can range from mild symptoms, like a tingling mouth and hives, to more severe attacks that include wheezing, trouble breathing, vomiting, poor blood circulation, fainting and confusion. Treatments also vary from over-the-counter antihistamines to an epinephrine (adrenaline) injections meant to reverse anaphylactic shock.

The American Academy of Pediatrics had long recommended that parents delay the introduction of common allergens like dairy, eggs and nuts until a child is 2 or 3 years old. But, in January 2008, the organization reversed its stance after clinical studies shiowed no benefit to the delay.

“After 4 to 6 months of age, there is a lack of good evidence that avoidance of specific highly allergenic foods can alter future allergies and allergic conditions,” said Dr. Clifford Bassett, assistant clinical professor of medicine and otolaryngology at SUNY-Health Sciences Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

“If you have a happy smiling child without allergic problems, there isn’t really a recommendation to avoid giving them peanuts or peanut products,” Sicherer said.

This doesn’t mean that any young child should start eating peanut butter at any given time. If there is a history of food allergies in the family, or the child has already reacted to other products, like milk and eggs, there could be a higher risk for a peanut allergy.

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Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Posted by Dave on March 13, 2010

This looks like good news! I noticed the last few times I was at the store that the packages no longer had the peanut labelling on it.

From their Faq  page:

If I am allergic to peanuts, can I eat Jelly Belly jelly beans?

Packaged Jelly Belly Beans

Please continue to carefully check all ingredient statements on packages and bulk bins for peanut ingredients.  We discontinued Peanut Butter flavor of Jelly Belly beans (this flavor contained peanut butter and peanut flour) however, it is possible this flavor may still be included in packages sold in retail stores.

None of the other flavors of Jelly Belly beans contain peanuts as an ingredient.  We no longer process peanuts in our manufacturing plants.

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Is Your Kid Truly Allergic? Tests Add to Food Confusion

Posted by Dave on January 28, 2010

from the Wall Street Journal.’s_Most_Popular

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Vermont Nut Free 10% discount. Expires June 6th.

Posted by Dave on June 1, 2009

Save 10% off your entire order from now through June 6th, 2009. The discount applies to all categories of our products except container & gel pack, gift certificates and shipping charges. Use the discount code as often as you would like during the promotion period and feel free to share it with your family and friends. Just type in Spring upon check-out or when ordering by phone mention this e-mail offer to the customer service representative. Please note that the word Spring is case sensitive when checking out on line. (Please note that the discount applies to direct retail orders only, wholesale accounts not eligible)

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Vermont Nut Free Thanksgiving 10% Discount

Posted by Dave on November 19, 2008

Save 10% From now through November 27th, 2008 get 10% off all Thanksgiving items from Vermont Nut Free. Just use the promotion code “Turkey” at check out if ordering on line or tell the customer service representative you’d like to take advantage of this offer when placing your order by phone. Remember, use this coupon/discount code as much as you would like until November 27th but it only applies to Thanksgiving items.
Offer Expires: November 27, 2008

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10% off Vermont Nut Free Chocolates thru July 5th!

Posted by Dave on June 29, 2008

Use discount/coupon code summerkick

Offer Expires July 5, 2008

Use the discount code as many times as you wish from now through July 5th

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New products from Philly Swirl

Posted by Dave on May 10, 2008

Philly Swirl has new peanut free pops that are also sugar free.

They now also have Ice Cream cupcakes however those are made in a facility that uses nuts/peanuts.

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Expert sees peanut allergy solution within 5 years

Posted by Dave on May 6, 2008

Expert sees peanut allergy solution within 5 years

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON, May 1 (Reuters) – A form of immunotherapy that could get rid of a person’s allergy to peanuts is likely within five years, even as the condition appears to grow more and more common, a U.S. expert said on Thursday.

Peanut allergy often appears in the first three years of life, with the allergic reaction to eating peanuts ranging from a minor irritation all the way to a life-threatening, whole-body allergic response called anaphylaxis.

Many children grow out of other food allergies such as milk or eggs, but only about 20 percent lose their peanut allergy.

Dr. Wesley Burks, a food allergy expert at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, wrote in the Lancet medical journal that a solution appears to be on the horizon.

“I think there’s some type of immunotherapy that will be available in five years. And the reason I say that is that there are multiple types of studies that are ongoing now,” Burks said in a telephone interview.

Ideally, such a therapy would change a person’s immune response to peanuts from an allergic one to a nonallergic one, Burks said.

He said one possible approach is using engineered peanut proteins as immunotherapy. Other approaches are showing promise, he said, including the use of Chinese herbal medicine in animal research.

Genetic engineering may also produce an allergen-free peanut, Burks said.

But he said that because several peanut proteins are involved in the allergic response, the process of altering enough of the peanut allergens to make a modified peanut that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction would probably render the new peanut no longer a peanut.

“You could end up with a soybean,” Burks said.

He said peanut allergy affects about 1 percent of children under age of 5, and that in the past 15 years more children have been diagnosed with the condition.

He cited research showing the condition becoming more common — doubling among young children from 0.4 percent in 1997 to 0.8 percent in 2002 in one U.S. study

It is unclear why it is becoming more common, he said. One theory he cited was the “hygiene hypothesis,” which holds that too little exposure to infectious agents in early childhood can raise one’s susceptibility to allergic reactions.

Burks said other researchers have suggested that if a pregnant woman eat peanuts, her baby has a higher risk of becoming allergic.

Symptoms of peanut allergy includes skin reactions such as hives, itching around the mouth and throat, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, wheezing and, in severe cases, anaphylaxis — a medical emergency. (Editing by Maggie Fox and Xavier Briand)

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Cast your vote to get Starbucks Coffee more food allergy aware

Posted by Dave on April 9, 2008

Starbucks has a new site where customers can state their ideas and people vote on them, register and vote.

The more votes the more it will most likely get some attention from Starbucks.

Here is the idea for Peanut free awareness

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