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Cast your vote to get Starbucks Coffee more food allergy aware

Posted by Dave on April 9, 2008

Starbucks has a new site where customers can state their ideas and people vote on them, register and vote.

The more votes the more it will most likely get some attention from Starbucks.

Here is the idea for Peanut free awareness


8 Responses to “Cast your vote to get Starbucks Coffee more food allergy aware”

  1. sharon said

    It would be so great if Starbucks would be more peanut/nut free. These allergies are becomming more and more common and it is very difficult finding safe places to go.
    My 3.5 year old loves going for soy lattes with whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. She is as addicted as her mama, however there are nuts all over, and no snacks that are nut free. please consider this.


  2. cr1982 said

    as a women with life threeting alergies my self i no hard it was

    to go to caffa or somthing like and woch wile everyone had

    treet and i cood only heve a hot choclet or somthing

  3. Elisa said

    HI! I wanted to comment on the recent allergy attack a woman had who is allergic to tree nuts after eating a peach yogurt.

    My stepdad is a botanist and mentioned to me that peaches have tree nuts inside – their pits! When they are processed there is a good chance particles of the pit will contaminate the fruit. I would caution anyone who has tree nut allergies to be careful about eating fruit like apricots and peaches! Please spread the word but also check this out yourself with your doctor.


    • Bruce said

      The actual fruit of peaches, apricots and some apples have the same protein as tree nuts. It’s not that bits of the pit get mixed in with the fruit it’s that the fruit itself has the protein.

  4. Cr1987 said

    I’ve grown up with an anaphalactic allergy to certain families of tree nuts. Allow me to make a clerification that needs to be made:
    Peanuts, coconuts, water-chestnuts, and many other “nut” branded fruits are not, infact, nuts. Seeds, including sesame seeds, are not nuts. Pits, including peach pits, are not nuts.
    This destinction is very important for someone like myself. If people start to believe that all these foods are nuts, then when I ask if there are nuts in my food, people will surely tell me that there are dispite it being perfectly safe for me to eat, just to prevent the chance that I might have a reaction. If you want to help someone like me, know and tell me what is in the food, and allow me to make the distinctions that are relevant to my own life. Telling me that there might be “traces of nuts” is a slap in my face – where does it stop?
    As it stands, only a small percentage, predicted 1 or 2% in Canada and more in the USA, has an anaphalactic allergy. If large corporations are willing to take a chance on us because the odds are low, what else do you think they get away with letting slip into our foods? Contamination labels are just that: this food is contaminated. By what? You’ll just have to eat it and find out.

  5. Rona said

    I have identical twins with only one with an allergy. I don’t believe Starbucks should be a peanut free org, however I believe in being an allergy aware retailer. We have to start managing where it is more appropriate to go with our children. Isn’t a playground more appropriate and grab a takeaway coffee from a store & pack a snack for the little ones. Go to Starbucks with a girlfriend and stopping stressing. Our schools aren’t nut free locations are they? Management is the key to allergy awareness. Coffee, chocolate and nuts are desired products you cannot stop the passion of these products for the minority of less than 5% allergy people.So it’s OK for the 95% of the population to be in peanut free zones? I don’t think so!

  6. joe riley said

    Cr1987 i think you are nuts.. if all those things you describe are not nuts.. then what are nuts??

  7. Rona said

    Cr1987 isn’t nuts.You’re just listening to a scared person. I get it, and see clearly through my twins. One had the peanut allergy and one does not. We are getting mixed messages out there in the community and blatantly vague responses when we ask what is in that product. Just one day I would like to help change this problem around to make allergy awareness more appropriate to talk about.I’m working on it and we just cannot continue being vague…Keep positive in your thoughts
    Allergy Aware Mum
    Positive Peanut too!

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