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Gingerbread house kits

Posted by Dave on November 18, 2007

Does anyone know of a peanut/nut free gingerbread house kit? Wiltons does make then however I have yet to hear from them about their allergy policy.


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  1. Leslie Goudie said

    I just spoke to someone at Create a Treat about their “Gingerbread House Kit” on sale at Target (about 9 dollars). THe label says “may contain traces of nuts.” I was told that it is only the soft gumdrops that are made in a facility that processes peanuts; the cookie pieces, icing, hard candies are all peanut free (as well as egg and dairy free). I told them they should be more clear on the label, as I was planning to donate several houses to a preschool class for a project, and just assumed they weren’t peanut safe. I am just going to get rid of the gumdrops (which come in a separate sealed bag) and find something else to add in. She asked me to provide the UPC bar code number off the box, so if you get one, I’d check that your particular box/lot is OK. I looked up the company online, left a message, and got a call back in less than an hour!!

    • A & J Bakery has a peanut free facility with gingerbread kits. it is a simple one with the 4 pieces to make the house. some plastic decorations and some candy . you will need to get the iceing to connect the pieces and buy extra candy. I did it last year with my niece and nephew they had a ball.

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