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‘When Food Kills’ Video documentary

Posted by Dave on December 10, 2006

For anyone who thinks food allergies are not serious watch this video “When Food Kills”


3 Responses to “‘When Food Kills’ Video documentary”

  1. Robyn said

    Thank you so much for highlighting this incredible footage. We will share it with everyone that we can, as it conveys the urgency in our mission to create universal awareness of food allergies.

    With hope for the cure,

  2. bob pratt said

    I just saw the hour long video on the Documentary Channel (4/14/09). I am seventy years old and am allergic to many foods, only recently diagnosed. Spent 4 visits to the ER in the last 14 months. I have just learned my grandson is severly allergic to peanuts, and am greatly concerned.

    At the end of the Documentary Channel video they showed an 800 number where I could obtain a free copy of the video. In going to their site, I could find no references. Can you help me?

    Thank you.

    Robert Pratt

  3. Greg said

    Hi Bob

    The DOC STORE sells “When Food Kills.”
    I’m the manager of the store. Please call me at (615) 322-9333 x. 116 and I’ll place your order.


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