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Dunkin Donuts Allergen Statement

Posted by Dave on December 5, 2006

Taken from the Dunkin Donuts website. Thanks for the CYA statement.

Please be advised that any of our products may contain allergens, including peanuts.
Please see nutrition details for specific products for allergen information.


43 Responses to “Dunkin Donuts Allergen Statement”

  1. Laura Czolowski said

    I contacted Dunkin Donuts reguarding their allergy info and they were not helpfull at all didn’t seem to care or were really not interested in helping me out. Krispy Creme on the other hand was great and they use no nut products in their donuts, so they are safe for my son.

  2. Laura Czolowski said

    I contacted Dunkin Donuts reguarding their allergy info and they were not helpfull at all didn’t seem to care or were really not interested in helping me out. Krispy Creme on the other hand was great and they use no nut products(I am not sure about peanuts) in their donuts, so they are safe for my son.

  3. becky said

    I just googled cripsy creme and found out that they DO NOT guarentee their products to be peanut-free!

  4. Wendy Genovese said

    I can’t believe that I went for Coffee and My Husband and Mine fovorite Donut and there was No Coconut or Butternut Donuts to be found in our local Dunkin Donuts???? What? I don’t think that we should have to go without our Favorites? I’m thinking That Some idiot gave a child a donut that he/she was Ellergic to and now they are suing because the Idiot was Negligent and now WE The People can Not have a Butternut or Coconut Donut, which The word DO”NUT has the word NUT in it… What’s happening folks???? DAHHH your allergic? don’t eat it…Wendylee G florida

    • Shannon said

      Wow!!!! A bit angry! You don’t know if DD missed up an order or had cross containmination. You need to relax…people with these sorts of allergries struggle everyday with food and they don’t need your “kind” words to help them out!!!!!!!!

      • Fly In The Ointment said

        Actually she isnt angry at all. Why should the rest of us have to go without. Do not eat there. Do not eat donuts at all. That’s your choice. If you are allergic STAY AWAY!

      • Kristin said

        For someone who likes to call people with food allergies ignorant and idiots you sure could take a spelling/grammar lesson! Keep in mind that someone you love (your child) could end up having a food allergy and than you might actually be happy if some food regulations were in place.

    • Jen said

      Wow is right. Try living with a child who has food allergies, then post your opinion, oh and check your spelling too!

    • Brian said

      Unreal. My son has a peanut allergy and the people at Dunkin should realize this is becoming a huge issue out there….Really do they think people would stop going there if they kept Peanuts out of the products…As far as you Wendy..You’re a sad individual…Probably the type of person who think smoking should be allowed on planes because who cares if you’re killing the person next to you… :p

    • Harriet said

      I have a very serious nut allergy and I do stay away form places like this, as you so aggressively suggested ‘we’ should, but for people with less serious allergies, why should they miss out? You clearly have no idea what allergies are like for people who have to live with them, but i strongly suggest you find something more important in your life to worry about than your right to consume doughnuts. And for your information coconuts are not nuts, and neither are doughnuts, they’re just names and have no reflection on the biochemistry of the food.

    • Mike said

      Very Sad individual, I agree. I am surprised you aren’t at your local school picketing to keep the food allergic children OUT because it keeps your child from bringing a peanut butter sandwich or a package of cashews to school in order to keep them alive. How self-centered can you be to believe that it is YOUR right to eat what you want and when you want with NO consideration for those who would give their life to even attempt to eat at a table where you just finished eating. Open your eyes just a little bit… this argument isn’t about the lard-laden donut, it is about contamination of foods or surfaces that should be considered “safe” and ending a life.

      I am so sick of hearing people whine because they were denied the “right” to put the lives of other human beings at risk because of their self-serving, narrow minded views. What comes around, goes around. Someday you will walk in the steps…….

      • linda said

        I COULD NOT AGREE MORE!! It would be completely different if they were the ones with a child with allergies. Pure ignorance is all around!!!

  5. ang said

    OK Wendy G (I’m sure the “G” doesn’t stand for “good grammar”)…. BTW, the word is Allergic-not Ellergic.

    They were probably just out of your favorites. After all, coconut and butternut are not common allergens (even though the word “nut” is in them). Tree nuts are very different from the common allergen, peanut (from a plant).

    Dunkin’ Donuts may have had some marketing issues or trouble with their processing. Until recently they were confident in publishing their peanut-free products. Maybe they were sued…or maybe they want to prevent it.

    In any case, negligence is not the issue–it’s lack of information that leads to mistakes. So now, many companies take the lazy route and cover liability with the term “may contain.” That way their butts are covered easily.

    Ideally, they would, like many other food manufacturers, take care of processing their “nut” products separately. Then, they would be able to offer products to everyone, including the less evolved.

    • Artnhur B. Brown said

      Wendy: I’m standing right behind you. People with allergies should know it by the time they are old enough to eat normal people food. You idiots can walk into any grocery store and buy peanuts by the pound. Why should we normal people give something we like just to protect your brats!!!

      • Harriet said

        That makes no grammatical sense but i am assuming from the first sentence that you agree with Wendy. if this is the case then you are wrong: firstly, lots of parents don’t feed their children nuts early on because of the choking hazard, and secondly, allergies only surface the second time the allergen is consumed, and so parents don’t always know by the time their child is ‘old enough to eat normal people food.’ allergies can also develop later in life, and i hope that in order for you to develop the ability to empathise that you develop one very soon. and as for your use of the word ‘brats’ is that honestly how you view people with allergies? because it sounds to me like you are an example of a ‘brat’ thinking it is your right to have whatever doughnut you want, whenever you want, regardless of the potential danger to normal people, who happen to have an allergy.

      • Kristin said

        You’re such a pathetic A-hole. Go eat your nuts!

  6. Jess said

    Nicely put Ang…I don’t think I could add a thing, except to second your frustration with blanket liability statements. With the growing number of food allergies in children one would think manufacturers would pick up on the niche market. My son is five and at birthday parties we are very rarely the only ones in attendance who have to contend with food allergies.

    I am surprised Dunkin’ Donuts and now Honey Dew (N.East) have recently added peanut products to their menu. One would think they would be moving away from foods to which many are highly allergic.

  7. Jules said

    Wendy, you sound very insensitive to people with dealing with nut allergies. My daughter ate a cashew and ended up spending two days in intensive care. She could have died without immediate medical care. And, of course we had no idea that would happen when she ate, otherwise we could never have given it to her.

    ” Some idiot gave a child a donut that he/she was Ellergic to and now they are suing because the Idiot was Negligent and now WE The People can Not have a Butternut or Coconut Donut”

    So according to YOU, I guess we are the idiots that almost killed our kid. I pray you never end up a jury in a court to decide the fate of another individual.

    We have now also found that my daughter is deadly allergic to tree nuts and coconut IS part of that famiiy. Peanuts are part of the legume family. Most people that are allergic to one family is probably allergic to the other because their proteins are similar.

    I get the fact you like certain kinds of donuts, but other have the right to LIVE and not die because other are lucky enough not to be allergic.

    My daughter can only go to a few limited restaurants now and its sad explaining to a 4yr old that she can’t enjoy many of the other sweets and goodies other take for granted. It would be nice for places like Dunkin Donuts.

  8. Laurel said

    I’m right there with you Jules. We come across people like Wendy everyday who have no clue how deadly these food allergies are. My daughter is severly alleric to cashews too. To us its not about going somewhere that we like to eat its going somewhere that won’t kill her. The resturants don’t post signs outside their doors (though they should) about all the food allergins. Going out for icecream is out the question too. Wendy should be thankful she doesn’t have to deal with what our children do.

    • Shelly Krause said

      No one is insensitive to nut allergies. It’s just a fact that the world is not nut-free. We don’t take other allergens out of the reach of everyone because a few people are allergic–and yes some other allergies are deadly, too. People learn to live with their ailments and nut allergy sufferers shouldn’t expect those around them to conform to their needs. It is an extremely selfish mentality as the world does not, and should not, revolve around one special-needs group.

      I feel the concern and the hardship that nut allergies cause families who must deal with them. I know that it is not easy, a close relative has a severe nut allergy. Her parents have benedryl, an epipen and a supply of wipes whereever she goes. On the other hand, it is not a problem that society should have to conform to.

      • Harriet said

        You are definitely right that the world shouldn’t have to completely conform, that would be madness, but I think you are wrong that people aren’t insensitive, Wendy and Artnhur are clearly very insensitive and think that their right to have doughnuts should be put above the safety of others, and surely that is wrong. I don’t think most people i know with nut allergies, or any allergies for that matter, would want to get rid of the allergen, simply having them in different factories would help a lot, but i think the worrying and upsetting thing is responses such as Wendy’s, not the fact that we can’t eat doughnuts. it’s just such a mundane thing for anyone without an allergy to get so upset about as they can just eat a different doughnut, from anywhere else. on the other hand when companies do decide to take nuts out of things it means we can suddenly eat one type and that is always so exciting to discover, as we know generally, we are missing out.

  9. Sandra said

    Wow….As a Canadian that found out a few months ago that my 3 year old son is anaphylactic to peanuts, I am stunned at the amount of ingorance I’ve found while trying to plan a trip to Florida. This won’t be our first trip to Boca Raton, but it will be our first since we found out about our son’s allergy. Are you kidding me Wendy???? People like you exist…and are that selfish – uneducated – ignorant that they think parent’s with anaphylactic kids would be NEGLIGENT and put them in harms way? Do you have any idea how hard it is to tell a 3 year old that they can’t have a lollipop b/c it could kill them….have you any idea how hard it is to let a kid be a kid while strapping epi-pens to them to go anywhere??? Just Amazing. I’m glad I found this post – can anyone help me out in letting me know of peanut / tree nut free restaurants or snack foods for when we visit Boca Raton this spring?

    • Harriet said

      I’m not American so I can’t give you actual names of places, and given that you posted this 2 years ago you’ve probably worked everything out for yourself, but I just wanted to say that it will get easier to deal with, without being constantly worried. It’s best just to ask in each different restaurant you go into and take it one step at a time. I am 19 and I’m still finding new places and new foods I can eat, sometimes i stop being able to eat something but generally is balances out. i was very shocked by wendy’s comment as i have never come across anyone like this in my whole life, probably because i tend to work around situations and rarely ask people to change their lives just for me, but just to reassure you this is not a common reaction in my experience. also you must seem horrible having to tell you small son he can’t have food his friends can have but i don’t have a single memory of being upset by this or any resentment towards my mother for saying i couldn’t have something, it’s better that he grows up with it that develops it later on. so it’s gets better rather than worse i’d say, especially with most places becoming more aware and understanding of allergies. Anyway good luck

  10. Cjors said

    This is heated. Good.
    I have considered the possibility of an anaphalactic attack with every food item I have ever eaten. I am allergic to tree nuts, specificly hazelnuts and brazil nuts. I did not loose oppertunities growing up, but I’ve had to be cautious.

    Sandra, ask when you go into a resturaunt what items on the menu have nuts/whatever your child is allergic to. Be firm, and serious – most individuals would rather not deal with the hassle involved with people like myself or your daughter, because they understand that you will sue the piss out of them if they poison your child. This fear can be used on your side, and if they can’t push you away, they will surely tell their staff to BE CAREFUL. People are afraid of us because we are few, and they don’t understand.

    Laurel, I’ve eaten ice cream all my lief. There is no reason for nuts to be in vanilla or chocolate icecream, those warnings are an insult to all people with allergies.

    Jules, coconuts are not related to tree nuts, although your words suggest that your child has an allergy to both. To clerify on a comment made by Ang, people with food allergies are not less evolved. Having an allergy often means that for some reason your immune system is not working right, which can be caused by dangerous foriegn substances in the body, pollution, and even stress. Children who’s immune systems are developing are perticularily at risk. The body gets confused and attacks at a complex protien in the body, thinking that it is a source of poison. The body tries to forcebly reject the substance, which can result in a painful death. Complex protiens such as peanuts, tree nuts, and seafood, are common and life-threatening allergens. I’d also like to point out that “contaminated by nuts” is essentialy the same as “contaminated by rat feces”. It is an unwillingness to support the quality of their products.

    Wendy, did you ask about the doughnuts being unavailable, because your statement suggests that you did not. I enjoy doughnuts, and am unwilling to cut them out of my life, but I will be reasonable. There are some people with allergies (for some reason especialy to peanuts) who can go into anaphalactic shock from proximity. I’m sorry for them, because they are at serious risk of death every day, and they will be heavily strapped down to their epi-pen (which is a brand name, there are other episilin syrynge producers). I, on the other hand, demand that the doughnuts not be contaminated by crap that isn’t in them, but by all means each to his own.

    Food commonly mistaken for nuts:
    Peanuts (a legume(earth vegetable)), coconuts, peaches, berries, seseme seeds, & water-chestnuts. If you want to help and soothe someone with an allergy, know what is in your food, and qoute the ingredients, don’t make descisions for them. May contain isn’t good enough.

  11. Johanna said

    Wendy Genovese is uneducated and selfish. Read up on how these food allergies affect lives. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t worry about the fate of my son. Even in food that states it does not contain peanuts… the possibility of cross contamination is always there. Or from people like you Wendy, who don’t take food allergies seriously. I pray that none of your family members develop food allergies because God forbid they would have to taken care of by such an uncompassionate woman. And consider yourself lucky… you probably didn’t need the donut anyway.

  12. kristen said

    Obviously Wendy has never watched her baby struggle to breathe, scratch wildly at his hives so much that his abdomen is bleeding… not knowing what in the world is going on and if you are going to make it to the ER in time to save his life…

  13. Kristina said

    OK, I think you guys are being a little ridiculous attacking Wendy. Yes, she has poor grammar, but she wasn’t stating that people with allergies are idiots, or that it isn’t a serious issue that parents face. Her point is that just because some people have nut allergies, doesn’t mean the rest of the population should be deprived of them. Nuts are a very healthy source of protein, my children all absolutely love peanut butter, and it was a tough transition into Junior Kindgergarten when I had to explain that they couldn’t have their favourite sandwich at school. My daughter and I baked cupcakes together one night and it was late, so I told her instead of eating one before bed she could have it as a special treat in her lunch the next day. She came home from school sobbing because her teacher threw it in the garbage, and told her that she couldn’t bring home baked goods to school without a list of the ingredients in it. By the way, there are no students in her class with nut allergies, it is simply the schools have gone nut-free.
    It is terrible that some children suffer from nut allergies. I grew up with a few friends with serious nut allergies, and believe it or not, we didn’t have a nut-free school, and they’re still alive today. Education is key (I believe) to teach your children how to eat food that is safe for them, and read labels. Balloons aren’t allowed in the schools anymore because some kids might be allergic to latex. It works both ways, what is fair? Risking the lives of a handful of children so the majority can have their favourite snacks? No, but to expect restaurants etc to become completely nut-free for a small number of people is being ignorant. Yes they should be open about their ingredients, yes signs should be posted if their products are exposed to or contain nuts, but it is your responsibility as parents to educate your children what is and what is not safe to eat…

    • Jennifer said

      Kristina, until you have a child that has a food allergy you will never understand what the rest of us go through!!!!! At least your daughter can eat whatever she wants when she comes home from school and you don’t have to worry while she is at school if the lunchroom is safe. There are many restaurants now that thankfully state at the bottom of the menu to let them know if there is anyone at the table with a food allergy. We recently visited Disneyland for a vacation and it was the best place for kids with peanut allergies. The sou chef comes to the table and makes your child feel very special and they take them and show them what is nut free and they tell them and reassure them that the food is safe. We as parents can and do educate our children on what is safe and not safe to eat, but when you have other children who do not understand the danger and the severity that is when it is difficult!!!!!! So don’t make any grand remarks until you have a child who has such a severe allergy!!!!!

      • Mindie said

        As a parent with a child who has severe food allergies I find it sickening how people act these days towards others with allergies! My 10 month old is severely allergic to eggs and peanuts. now I certainly did not give him these foods directly but through my breastmilk he was still getting some. After having a severe reaction after nursing him one day and an ER trip they tested him what a SCARY experience.

        As far as Wendy G goes. Did ya ever think that maybe they just didn’t have any of those donut’s that day? did you ask? Don’t just assume that it is due to “nut” allergies. You are a heartless person, and karma is a B***ch!

      • rox said

        AMEN, to all the parents with kids with severe allergies and GOD is watching all those bullies who continually have something negative to say and probably don’t have any children and are barren or their grandkids will have allergies or out of the blue can they become allergic to some things, absolutely yes according to medical records. I would not take a chance to give them DD because I don’t trust if there is peanut oil, or contamination of peanuts somewhere. My daughter came home from pre-school crying because everyone was eating dd holes and of course the teacher didn’t give her any but her own snack (RAisins) but it’s sad that they have to watch when others are enjoying something they can’t have due to allergies. My daughter and my nephew are severely allergic to peanuts and one of my daughters to eggs, wheat, soy, milk, etc. so my sister and I are reading this and laughing at the people with no heart because what goes around always, always comes around and we feel bad for these ignorant people who are prob. overweight with no kids, watch out people one day the world will become peanut free like it is smoke free hahahhahahahah can’t wait! God bless you all and have a great day! Another (“BRAT” ) on the way to make 3 to this magnificent so called loving WORLD!

  14. Veronica said

    Kristina and Wendy, Really there is nothing that anyone of these mothers can say to adequatley describe the fear that each of us as parents with children who suffer with severe allergies goes through. I to could not understand until it was my child. One of my dear friends at the age of 20, died from a cookie in a vending machine that was not properly marked on the package. He was not ignorant to his peanut allergy, he was old enough to control his environment and took percaution and still died. By the time his roomates at college realized he was struggling, they shot him with the Epi-pen, but it was too late. He died before the ambulance got there. A tragic accident preventable but the company was neglegent. His family sued and won. There son gone for eternity. Today, I worry that my child will be eating in a lunch room or out of my site and accidently be given a peanut product and no will notice quickly enough that he is having anaphalxis and it will be to late. Again it’s very difficult to explain fear until you have been there …holding your child that is barely breathing in the back seat of the car, nearly lifeless to the E.R. Education is clearly not only needed for the one suffering with the allergy. It is also needed for those without compassion.

  15. Maureen said

    My question is, does DD use milk/dairy in the glazed donuts? My son is allergic to milk & dairy products (including real butter, cream, milk, whey, etc.) I don’t see any allergy information about milk products, could you provide me with all the ingredients in the glazed and non-chocolate donuts.

    Thank you,

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  19. Who Cares said

    Just because a person has an allergy, they think everyone else should be inconvenienced. That is backwards! They are the one with the problem. They should be inconvenienced – not the rest of the people!

  20. JaneDoe said

    Really- why should the world in general be responsible for protecting the peanut-allergic population from eating a product that is clearly labeled with contents? I also have the same right to be nut-exposed, as in peanut donuts, if I CHOOSE TO DO SO-JUST LIKE YOU! It is a choice- take responsibility for yourself, don’t expect others to make your world safe for you!

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