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Peanut / Tree Nut Free List from the Jonathan Montessori House of Children

Posted by Dave on October 11, 2006

Please use at your own discretion.

Jonathan Montessori has adopted a peanut free policy to ensure the safety of all children and to provide an educational environment that is safe for all children. Parents will be given lists of acceptable foods that may be brought to the school. Products containing peanuts, tree nuts and their oils will not be permitted. Parents are encouraged to contact the school with questions.


7 Responses to “Peanut / Tree Nut Free List from the Jonathan Montessori House of Children”

  1. esther said

    Congratulations for making your school Peanut and Nut free. This life threatening food allergy is growing in high numbers. My 2 year old was diagnosed in December.

    We live in Miami and I would defenely be interested in a School that is Peanut and Nut free/sensitive.

    If you know of any or anyone that can assist us please e-mail me back.

    Thank you,

    Esther Rodriguez

  2. Jennifer said

    Hi Esther! I am opening my new store, The Allergy-Free Shop this Spring and we will be 100% peanut free. With regard to schools, the following schools have a peanut-free policy in Miami:
    Temple Beth Am Day School
    St. Thomas Episcopal

    Hope that helps!

  3. Bob said

    Wait a moment…

    So because you have an allergy, the rest of humanity is supposed to modify their diet?


    Won’t happen.

    You know, Darwin explained how all this is natural.

  4. PeanutFreeMom said

    Wow, that is the cruelest comment I have heard in a long time.
    Here in Canada, it is standard that our schools are peanut free. They have been for years.
    We were always happy to make sure the food we sent our girls for their lunches would not harm another child.
    And then this year our 8 month old son accidently ate some cereal that contained peanuts and almost died.
    I don’t understand how Bob would casually say that my son deserves to die because he happens to have a peanut allergy.
    How incredibly insensitive and uneducated.

  5. s. jones said

    Do you know of any “peanut free” schools in the Boca Raton area?
    Sharon Jones

  6. Donna said

    Holy Trinity School in Norfolk,VA offers grade K3 to 8th. Holy Trinity is a Food Allergy Aware School. All teachers and staff receive epi-pen training. Teachers are up to date on all individual emergency plans (even if they do not have an allergic child in their class). For more information you can call the school at 757-583-1873. Holy Trinity School, 154 W. Government Ave. Norfolk, VA. 23503. My daughter is deadly allergic to peanuts. She has attended the school for 3 years with no problems.
    The Principal, teachers and staff are so receptive and communicative to families about the prevalence of food allergies. This school is Food Allergy Aware and practices food allergy safety (school is not peanut free BUT, they do not serve any peanut products). They support the efforts of the Food Allergy parents and children attending the school. Holy Trinity School follows FAAN Guidelines and all teachers and staff are epi-pen trained yearly. All teachers are aware emergency plans and they are kept up to date on all students with Food Allergies. The school does not serve any peanut product in the cafeteria.

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